I Think Of You When I Close My Eyes

I think of you with closed eyes;
And your face flashes by,
Oh, you are the loveliest miracle of the millennial,
Captured in the light of darkness.

And I imagine us meeting again;
Seven months after the last time that I saw you,
You’re still the boy with the greatest smile,
And the starry shiny bright eyes.

You still order the same kind of food;
Thank god, some things never change,
And I can see us,
Sitting in a small café tucked away in the outskirts of the town;

We small talk;
And you talk about your lover,
But as you say her name,
I can hear the sourness in your tone.

And you hold my hand for a matter of seconds;
A little friction between our fingers,
I can see the sparks engulf us completely.

Oh, you leave me with the kind of freedom that makes me feel caged;
Oh, you are the only color of my life that doesn’t fade.

I open my eyes to a new day;
And I look for your face,
In the crowd, in the one I see as I stare into the mirror.

You’re still the loveliest miracle of the millennial;
You’re still my best kept secret.

And I can see you in the darkness of the light,
You’re still the love of my life.

But I imagine us meeting again,
Bumping into each other in the pouring rain,
And instead of kissing you as the raindrops touch our skins,
I smile and look away;

Burning in all that remains-
A thousand feelings,
Two souls,
And just one thing to say;

But sadly, all we do is escape. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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