9 Honest Things Every Girl Should Know About Living With Boys

No, not all of them leave the kitchen un-mopped for months (that’s if you know the right bribe that works), and some actually care enough about your period pain that they are willing to heat your heating pad thrice a day. So here are 9 things that you might not, or might already know about living with boys (with a few tips that you might find useful).

1. Socks. Socks everywhere

Pretty self-explanatory really.

First month you try to pick ‘em up. Second month you stick passive-aggressive post-it notes saying “Please put socks in your shoes so someone doesn’t have to do it for ya ;)”. Third month you give up and that’s fine, you’ll get used to it soon enough darlings.

2. Yes, ugly shaving hairs in the sink

But you forget to clear your hair from the shower every now and then, too. So stop complaining.

3. Bin corner

Throwing everything to the corner as if they’re some kind of NBA players. Guys, no you’re not so stop. Gals, I suggest that you start browsing for nutella cheesecake recipe – it makes a good reward for Saturday-eve cleaning. I guarantee the kitchen will be spotless by the time the cake is set. (If not try good brownies recipe instead).

4. It can be fun having a PS3 in the house

You get to kick asses at Tekken (ye I’m that good) and know bits and bobs about FIFA. (Like square is for sliding tackle and circle is for shooting but make sure you are inside the area and not too far). Just my two cents ;) Future boyf, you can thank them later.

5. There will be times when you want to watch Say Yes to the Dress but Cartoon Network is on instead

You decide if it goes ugly / not. Adventure Time isn’t that bad, really. Gumball is cuuuuute. Just not Over the Garden Wall, stuff is creepy. Shouldn’t be on kids channel!!! (Apparently the guys I’m living with are still stuck in the ’12 year old’ period of their lives – that explains the inability of putting their socks in the right place but owell)

6. If you think they would fix everything for you, you are wrong

Go replace the lamp in your bedroom on your own. You won’t learn anything expecting people to do every stuff for ya. (Notice I said ‘every’, so making them carrying heavy groc bags one or two times is justified by moi he he).

7. Although they don’t and can’t identify with period pain, some of them CAN actually show some empathy

They might not be available to cuddle with during those times BUT they stock plenty of Lemonade bottles (for you to fill in with hot water) course you have to throw the Lemonade out first (that goes without question), but you’ll be fine!

8. They don’t have to drag you to the beer bar, or make you wingman them all the time

If you draw a line and make it pretty clear that you will need your hiding-under-the-duvet-with-a-book-in-hand time on Saturdays, they will understand. They have to, I mean after all those cookie cakes??

9. You get just a few more brothers

And that, that makes putting up with socks and dirty kitchen bearable. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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