Things I Learned About My 16-Year-Old Sister from Reading Her Tumblr

Recently, I stumbled across my 16-year-old sister’s tumblr, which she had linked on her Facebook profile. Here are the things I learned about her. She:

+ Menstruates.
+ Doesn’t consider herself Asian because she doesn’t get straight A’s.
+ Does not like geometry.
+ Really likes Hipstamatic.
+ Does not like Ke$ha or Rihanna.
+ Does like Katy Perry.
+ Buys CDs.
+ Likes to quote Radiohead.
+ Actually, likes to quote “Creep” by Radiohead.
+ Went to a Michael Bublรฉ concert with my parents.
+ Had her first date on two months ago, which she described as “Just plain amazing :)”
+ Has five friends who “liked” her first date post.
+ Believes in love at first sight.
+ Has told someone she’s loved them when she didn’t.
+ Has been in love AT LEAST twice.
+ Is extraordinarily insecure because “sheโ€™s been hurt before” and is “not trying to get her hopes up” and there was “someone in her past who made her conscious of herself, made her feel like she wasn’t good enough.”
+ Has a boyfriend who blames her anger on PMS.
+ Should tell her older brother who this person is.
+ Should tell her older brother so he can kick the living shit out of him.
+ Should post his name/address/phone number on her Tumblr.
+ Seriously. TC mark


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  • Kavem4n


  • xxrc

    Interesting. Would follow.

  • katie

    brothers are the best.

  • exitclov


  • London

    this and your 'belle and sebastian' post makes me go warm and fuzzy inside :)

    i wish my brother was like you. he actually said 'as long as he wears a condom and isnt a dick i dont mind who you fuck'

  • Erinpea
  • tinaquino

    Adorable. =)

  • Ardra


  • saira

    the closest i've seen men come to superheroes is when they're being brothers. :)
    to all the overprotective-to-death brothers who get super annoying but are totally worth it.
    yes! brothers are the best.

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