5 Signs That She Wants You To Shut Up And Kiss Her

Girl who wants you to kiss her
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When a date is going well there’s really no better way to end it than with a romantic kiss. Nobody likes awkward goodbyes or ass-out hugs. But it can be maddening for men to figure out when it’s time to lock lips.

This is especially the case when the chemistry is palpable and sexual musing is relentless (sorry ladies, we can’t get thoughts of sex out of our heads; blame our hormones).

Below is a guide to help you realize when she wants you to seal the deal — all of which are nonverbal communication signals. Mind her words, but it’s truly her body that will tell you it’s OK to go ahead and make your move for that first kiss.

1. Smiling and eyebrow flashing.

Playful, coy smiling is good. Seeing her look like she’s saying cheese for the camera is bad. The first says she’s comfortable and happy, where the second appears as if she’s trying to appease you — awkwardly.

But eyebrow flashing doesn’t mean she’s looking at you like The Rock. She’s simply showing enthusiasm toward you and enjoys your company.

2. Touching.

As human beings, it’s only natural that we physically connect with those we like or feel comfortable with (unless we’re fighting them). You should be sporadically touching throughout your date during the flow of conversation; a light tap on the elbow or shoulder as you emphasize a point is a smooth way to do so.

If you notice she begins to frequently touch you back, she’s totally cool with you being in her personal space. (This will come in handy later when you make a move.)

3. Head toss or hair flicking.

This display is a cliché image you see in movies when a gal flirts with a guy from across the bar. A slight tilt of her head while flicking her hair to one side is her way of saying “I want you to notice me!”

And by tossing her hair to the side, she’s also exposing her neckline, a known erogenous zone. The head toss/hair flick combination will increase in frequency when she likes you. If you find your date doing this at a rapid rate after a flirtatious compliment, know she likes what you have to say — and may want more than just your playful words.

4 Stroking a straw or caressing a ring on her finger.

Granted, woman can play with objects for no reason at all, or out of nervousness/boredom. However, during courtship, women will perform these mannerisms subconsciously.

Studies have shown that when women caress a ring, or slide it up and down their finger, it’s a dead giveaway she’s sexually interested in who she’s talking to.

In fact, the authors believe when she slides the ring on her finger from the tip to the base, she’s subconsciously simulating the thought of sex with the man she’s chatting up.

5. Lip reading.

There are times when the sexual tension between you and your date is so strong you could cut it with a knife. This tension has to release itself sometimes, and it can often been seen on the face. This is called leakage — it’s what happens when someone tries to conceal an emotional expression but it gives way somewhere on the face or body.

Sexual tension in women often occurs around the mouth: slight biting of the lip is a sign she’s losing control. When leaving your date location, see if she re-applies her lip-gloss pr puts in a fresh piece of gum. While this could be a routine she normally partakes in, it can also mean she’s getting herself ready for a serious move from you!

Basically, what you should be looking for is a cluster of gestures before making a judgment call on a kiss. It can be overwhelming to know when to make a first move. Don’t be afraid to get aggressive and go for it!

The combination of your gut instinct and recognizing the body language signals/gestures previously outlined should give you the utmost confidence to kiss her. Pay attention, and you’ll have no doubt when it’s go time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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