31 Things I Learned From Being 31 Years Old

1. Its not right or wrong. Its matter of perspective and context.

2. Love someone like crazy and yet fail.

3. Don’t always have an answer, rather choose to empathize.

4. Selfless love of parents is unmatched in this life. Period!

5. Be passionate about something in life.

6. Be grateful to people who made a difference in your life.

7. Let your friends know you miss them and they are important. Tell it often. You will need them sooner or later.

8. Have goals in life – both personal and professional.

9. Its ok to be unsure. Just don’t get stuck. Make a choice and move on.

10. Your health matters. In the long run your independence will depend a lot on it.

11. Don’t hold back tears in happiness or sadness. It doesn’t show your weak but just shows you cared.

12. Strength comes from forgiving. Revenge burns while forgiveness heals.

13. Smile. Laugh on yourself. Its one social magnet that everyone possess.

14. If you can’t sort out a problem then don’t panic. Sip a tea. Call a buddy. Life’s most problems will be sorted eventually, and if they don’t get sorted, then you will be sorted for good.

15. Believe in a cause larger than yourself.  Help someone who can never help you.

16. Make bold choices in life. Not for the sake of it. But because its worth it. Your heart will know when its worth it.

17. Don’t let people define your potential, abilities and talent. This is one thing is sacred and only you can set your limits!

18. Don’t lose your childlike wonder. It will remind you that learning is never-ending.

19. Its absolutely ok to fail and be wrong. It means you tried something different, believed in it and learnt from the experience. Failure not only builds but also reveals character.

20. Don’t dismiss an idea without fully comprehending its worth.

21. Treat potential leaders like leaders. Don’t micromanage them. Trust them and give them the confidence to believe that they can make the difference.

22. When posed with a question that you don’t have an answer – smile. It’s the best stress buster.

23. Look deeply into the eyes of a person whom you are about to trust. They reveal a lot more than they hide.

24. Don’t be worried about how and when of marriage. Rather focus on finding someone with whom you can share your life.

25. Enjoy the smaller moments of life – your nieces giving you a naughty wink to persuade you to change your mind, watching a rainbow, breathing the fresh air of the beach and touching its moist sand, etc.

26. Accept defeat with grace and humility. Grace because someone won and he/she deserves it. Humility because it makes us reflect on how we can be better.

27. People are different. Stop trying to figure them out. Just accept them with an open mind no matter how different they are from you.

28. Don’t speak the truth if it can hurt someone. Sometimes silence makes sense.

29. You can’t change your looks. You can change your grooming style.

30. Don’t run behind people who don’t see your value in their life. Sometimes its just meant to be this way.

31. Remember we all will die someday. Knowing that death is certain helps us to know what really matters. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Gianni Cumbo

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