This Is What It Means To Live With A Broken Heart

 De Westelinck Smith
De Westelinck Smith

You have a broken heart, and that’s okay. 

Breakups are the hardest. The pain, the memories and the lost butterflies, only makes you miss him more and wish you could give it one more chance. But you know what? If it is meant to be it will be. And the fact that he left you in pieces and didn’t look back only tells you otherwise.

But darling, let me tell you something. He’s an idiot for not seeing the beauty in you. For not seeing what an amazing person you are for not seeing how much you loved and  cared for  him.

And if he didn’t see all that he probably doesn’t deserve you anyway.

But here you are getting through the worst days of your  life without him.

You opened up yourself and let him in. You thought it would last forever, you thought he would be the one.  But the reality is he is no longer a part of your life, he’s long gone and you’re back on your own. He left you with bits and pieces of a broken  heart and let me tell you why that’s okay.

A broken heart means you loved him unconditionally. You gave it your all and you didn’t hold back. You loved him like it was your last day on earth and you loved him like he was your world. He didn’t give back the same love you gave him. And that’s okay. Love means not expecting anything back right?

A broken heart means that you put him before you.  You always thought how your decisions would affect him, that you always considered how moving to a different continent would affect your relationship or that you stayed up all night trying to make conversation and ignored your friends to catch a time to talk to him.

A broken heart means you cared. It means you were concerned about him. Worrying if he would make it alone through the nights when he was sick. Worrying if he would drive home safely. Worrying if he ate or got a good night’s sleep. Thinking if he was okay all by himself, million miles away.

A broken heart means you trusted him. Trusted him not to leave, to hold your fragile heart and to love you back the way you loved him.  Means you were vulnerable in front of him giving him an all access pass to hurt you.

This broken heart is your battle scar, it means you’re brave.You’re a soldier, fighting a different kind of battle. Trying to find true love in this impossible universe.

Means you tried, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you failed. He left, so what! Now you know how it is to have a broken heart, now you know how much it hurts. And when you love again you will hold the heart of another carefully. And when you love again you’ll be stronger.

Just know that your soul-mate is still out there. And when the time is right you will meet him. And then you will know why it didn’t work out with others, why you went through a rough patch and why you had a broken heart. 

When you meet him, it’ll be fireworks and unicorns. It will be complete and unconditional. It will feel real. And you’ll know in your heart that you found the one that completes your soul.  And when that happens little girl, all those broken pieces will fall back in place. And it will all be worth it!  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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