A Friendly Reminder That Money Isn’t A Measure Of Your Success

“Are you making money or excuses?”

⁣This statement scares me. A lot. ⁣


Because money is not a measure of success. ⁣

⁣Money may be a personal goal or a business objective, but it is certainly not a qualifier of someone’s effort or ability.

Think about it. If success were based upon monetary gain, does that make a person worth 1 million less successful than the person worth 5 million?⁣

Success isn’t defined by the validation of others; how you should feel isn’t validated by the opinion of another. A statement can only be held as a compliment if you, as the receiver, create the connection.

Success is not an image. It’s a feeling that is unique to each individual.⁣

Success is not one size fits all. Success is not open to interpretation. Success is YOUR definition. Success is unique to each of us. Success can only be achieved when you truly FEEL successful, no amount of money will do that.⁣

Success is within the value, the worth we place within ourselves. If you expect the best from yourself then you have to invest in yourself. Your mindset is the map to your destination. How you think about yourself will directly impact where your life takes you.

To achieve you simply need to believe. Believe in yourself when others don’t, trust yourself when others question, push yourself when you want to give in. Once you find the drive to never stop then success will find you. Not in the end but in the moment. Success is in starting. Success is in continuing.

Success isn’t a destination, it’s part of the journey. Stop waiting for what you are already creating.

⁣Keep chasing, manifesting, and working towards your dreams—you’ve got this.

The secret is simple. You have to feel success to find it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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