Live Like You Believe All Your Dreams Will Come True

Age seems to caveat a dream, limiting how far we let our mind wander. Policing each thought with a filter of practically. With far too much time spent validating a dream which takes from the time that could be spent trying to achieve it.

As we grow and lose the innocence of our young mind, a dream becomes less a wish and more of a goal. However this transition in terminology minimizes the magic a manifested dream can bring to your life.

A dream doesn’t need to make sense. It doesn’t need to appear achievable. It doesn’t even need to seem clear.

Unless it’s to you.

The wishes of our younger selves are dreams filled with wishes. Wishes that we would make on the blow of a candle or the sight of a shooting star, when someone says “jinx” — the list goes on.

A wish for which we would repeat around and around in our little minds, manifesting the impossible to be possible.

Imagination is the key to manifesting.

A dream can be a goal, sure. A dream can also be an action, a target, a life marker. But to have any of the above, you first need to really believe in your dreams, believe they really can come true.

A dream is your deepest desire, limitless and powerful within that fact. A dream is a wish waiting to come true. If you had one wish you could make right now, what would that be?

Clear your mind, engage your heart, and wish. Wish with the freedom your soul allows.

Make that your dream and make your dreams your life. Wish, believe, and achieve. Live your life without limits.

To believe in your dreams, you have to believe they will come true. To believe they will come true will deliver your destined life to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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