Be Proud Of Yourself For Showing Up

I want to take a step back. I often speak about how we have the power to change our lives, and we do. You do.

However, I don’t want anyone to ever think that unless you are making changes, you are not progressing. Just as we are all different, so are our lives. Each one unique to each of us. Why would we then expect everyone to start their journey from the same place?

The fact that you show up is huge. The fact that you get out of bed, get dressed, and face the day is amazing. The fact that you keep pushing forward despite it feeling like the world is against you is inspiring. The fact that you are not giving up is admirable.

You have got this. You are doing this. Each moment a step forward, each day another you made it through.

Be proud of that. Be proud of you. To judge yourself against someone else’s life is diminishing your own. Comparing yourself to someone else is denying who you are. Don’t undervalue what you are going through by living in the reflection of others.

Live moment by moment, day by day.

Have patience with yourself and with life.

To everyone out there fighting their own battle, know you can do this. Know that you are doing this. More importantly, know that you are not alone.

It’s because of people like YOU that the world is a better place. YOU are the people that fight against the odds. YOU are the people that live through hell but find your peace. YOU are the people who inspire me the most.

Be your inspiration. Be your reason why. Be your everything.

Because life is lived within all the moments. Celebrate each one, no matter how small you perceive it to be. It’s the repetition of the little actions that open the door of opportunities. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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