9 Summer Date Ideas For You and Your Love


It’s summertime, and you both can’t wait to bring some fresh air to your romantic life after all those winter months stuck in your homes, watching Netflix and drinking wine. (Not that it was a bad thing…but by this time, you’re probably bored.) And definitely looking for things to do.

So here is a list of summer date ideas to help you to revitalize your love and enjoy some unforgettable moments together over the next three months. And the best thing is that most of them can be done anywhere and with very little or no money at all – the only requirement is a smile on your faces before, during and after.

1. Go for a picnic

The traditional picnic never loses its charm. You can do it in your local park, miles away in the woods, or even in your backyard. Just get yourself organized, pick a blanket, some juice, coffee or tea, and any treats you both like. You’ll enjoy the weather and have a great conversation together.

2. Rent a convertible

Looking for a bit more of fun? Then go to your local rent-a-car service and rent a convertible car so that you can enjoy both the breeze and the trip at the same time. Add some sunglasses and hats for an extra bit of glamour, and explore your town together (or go farther away).

3. Go for a walk/hike

If you both like to walk, you will have a lot to do during the summer. And you don’t need to go very far. Sometimes your neighbourhood is all that you need so to get entertained for hours. But if you have any fragment of nature nearby, or if you are willing to go for a short trip, get your gear on and go hiking.

4. Go to the zoo

What about an afternoon in the zoo? You can get to know more about the animals, watching their feeding time, and seeing the smiley faces of the children around you. You are bound to have lots of fun.

5. Visit a park

Get your local map and check for the parks nearby you. Are you sure that you have been to all of them? You probably haven’t. So make a point of visiting the missing ones during the summer and take the opportunity to discover all birds, plants, and flowers that also share the same city with you.

6. Visit a Farmers’ Market

Depending on where you live, it is possible that many farmers’ markets will take place in your town during the summer. So do some research and find out where and when they will be taken place. They are the perfect site for a nice lunch followed by a lovely and cheerful conversation with local producers.

7. Go cycling

Summer is the time to take your bike out and go cycling. You can just explore around the neighbourhood or decide to get serious and create a proper program so you can both get fit. And, if you feel like you want to be confident about your cycling skills, you can test them joining a competition.

8. Try some summer cleaning + DIY

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the spring. And doesn’t need to be a boring task. If you are living under the same roof, you can transform it into a fun day, with music, dancing and plenty of laughing. And if you find out that there are things to be fixed or improved, take the opportunity to do it together, using a DIY book or a tutorial on YouTube as a resource – Netflix won’t help you on it, unfortunately. Even if the result isn’t the best one, you will enjoy it anyway.

9. Watch the sunrise (or the sunset)

A priceless date idea for you to have a good time is watching the sunrise or the sunset. This contemplative moment will put you both in the right mood either to start or to end your day with a new perspective.

And there is much more…
Summer is the perfect time for romance, so you both will never run out of ideas. Besides those mentioned above, you can try to start a juice contest, fly a kite, dance in the rain, or plant a garden together. Sports-lovers will consider it as the best season to learn some new skills or to go to watch a match in a stadium. And there is also astronomy, camping, barbecues, horse riding, fishing and much more.

What matters here is that you both try to find things to you both enjoy, and that will take you out of the house. It will also allow you to bring a new light to your love life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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