Today I Choose Freedom From Everything That’s Weighing Me Down

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I choose freedom from my failed relationships:

I’ve learned a lot from my past relationships. Heartbreak really does change people and I’m not an exception to that – it’s inevitable. I’ve learned how to move on, how to be brave to respect myself and how to get out of a relationship that is not going anywhere. I’ve learned that I’m strong and that heartbreaks will pass. It will take time but eventually I’ll move on.

I choose freedom from pleasing everyone:

One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was pleasing every single person I met. My friends, my family, coworkers, the barista, everyone! You see, you can be nice to people but you don’t have to please them in whatever way they want, because you need to come first, in every single situation. If you don’t feel comfortable or you just don’t want to do something for someone else, just say no! It’s your decision to do what you want or not, to choose what you want to do or not. Don’t be a people pleaser, don’t live life to fill expectations and needs of others – you have to live for yourself.

I choose freedom from my sadness:

Even though I suffer from depression, I choose freedom from that. You see, struggling with depression is hard but I managed to not let it control me. After everything I’ve been through, weak is what I’m not. All the sadness from failure, rejection, etc will stay in the past because today I choose to leave them behind and I’m not looking back to them.

I choose freedom from the ghosts of the past:

Things and people who are left behind must remain there. I choose freedom from all of them today. You will not get any single bit of my attention anymore. No more worries, no more crying, no more nothing. They are my past and everyone will remain there. Blocked is everyone now so they cannot peek into my life anymore.

I choose freedom from my long-lasting heartbreak:

I won’t let this control me anymore. I know there are good things coming my way and though my heart breaks from the past, it won’t make me feel anything any longer.

I choose financial freedom:

Even though I don’t have the greatest job in the world, I managed to have financial freedom with what they pay me. Enough to pay bills and enough to spend some extra money on things I like.

I choose freedom:

I choose freedom for me and for my life. It’s about time to begin to fulfill and reach my goals, dreams and aspirations.

It’s about time to start to live for myself, to live the life I’ve always wanted, the one I’m destined to live and to stop giving a damn about other people.

We get so caught up with our worries that we forget to actually live.

Live now, it’s your time.

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