To Every Thought Catalog Writer: Thank You, You’ve Saved Me

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And when I say all, I mean ALL of you guys. I’ve never missed any article, all the stories you shared with all of us, all the experiences, everything you guys shared with thousands of people around the world.

You guys made me laugh when I was being sad making me forget why I was sad in the first place. You guys made me feel understood with every heartbreak story, with every liberating tale. You guys made me travel with you when I was in my house reading all of your amazing experiences.

I’ve also discovered which Briggs-Myers personality type I am (which by the way I’m INTP), and all of those related posts couldn’t be more right. I even discovered my Enneagram type!

I’ve felt scared with those really creepy stories that are out there. They are so addictive (but really, really scary).

I’ve been enchanted and moved by every single piece of inspiring poetry. I’ve also learned some tips about traveling around the world that I will do them as soon as I get the chance to go on a trip again.

I’ve felt so much reading everything on this site. I’ve seen that there’s still hope and good people in this world, there are still wonderful people with good hearts who just want to love. There are still people who are just too hilarious for their own good. There are still innocent, brave, strong, fragile, real, adventurous, raw and beautiful people gracing our planet. 

Thanks to all of you, I healed, I learned, I cried, I laughed so hard, I saw another point of views, I felt scared, I got stronger, wiser, I had advice in every single situation and I’ve never felt alone because with all of your stories I’ve seen that I’m not the only one who is struggling with different things. We all share the same stories; we all have something to relate to each other.

And I know that if I’m thankful for all of this, there must be another people around the planet who are really thankful for all of you too, who think and feel the same way we all do.
Thank you guys for saving me. Words will never describe my respect for all of you and how thankful I am that you all exist. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Kerlwis is 5 foot 7. He has an older sister. He originally hails from Venezuela. He’s really normal and totally un-amazing.

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