Dear Little Sister, These Are The Things I Would’ve Said To You If You Were Here

I wish you would be wise, and not make the same mistakes as me. You will meet boys, who will hold your hand and then break your heart. Mom and dad will sometimes disappoint, but their actions and intentions are always at the best of your interest. You will meet people who give you a tough front, but are warm and gentle inside. And then you will be unfortunate, but completely normal to meet betrayal and say goodbye to superficial friends.

One day you will wake up and wonder the reason for your existence. There will be times when days go by and you do not know what you have or have not done. Time passes away, slowly and surely, but with grace there are moments which fly and disappear with a blink of an eye.

Meet friends, be open, be kind. No matter what hurt you have received, time will heal. Gather, reconnect and maintain healthy relationships — no man was built to be a lone island. There will be friends worth the keep, and even friends to cherish. But most of all remember to maximize your time to the fullest.

Enjoy your youth, don’t fret from making foibles. Those are just opportunities for you to learn and be a better version of yourself. Be nice to people, everyone hurts too. And most of all take your time to grow up, because time can buy us but we can’t buy time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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