7 Reasons Why You Need To Live Alone

It starts as an exciting idea. A new city to call home. The freedom of sleeping in your own bed, in your own room, in your own apartment. You can roam around naked, and leave your empty cup wherever you want, and when you feel like blaring music at 2 am because you are in a groove, you can.

Yeah, you say. This will be the life. No one is there telling you what to do. No one is there telling you how to live your life. And more important, you make your own rules.

You sit down at your kitchen table; drinking your cheap wine and eating the cheap dinner you made yourself. The sound of your fork hitting the edge of the plate echoes in your empty, no other inhabitants live here, cold and silent, place.

That sounds terrible, you say. But on the contrary – it is actually worth it.

1. Time To Reflect

Believe it or not, many people never have alone time. They never give themselves time to think. When you live alone, you have a lot of opportunities to really get inside your own head. Make your own decisions. And know that they are right for you.

2. Independence

Whoa, I know. Super scary for someone who has never really had it. You are paying your own bills. You cook your own food. You get yourself ready in the morning. You are completely reliant on yourself. This is a major bonus for real life preparations.

3. Sense of Place

You can be who you want, when you want, however you want.

4. Discover New People

All of your alone time really makes you want to get out and explore. Maybe you join a club, or take up tea every Tuesday with a neighbor. Let’s just call it, personal social growth without the best friend to really back you up.

5. Develop Keen Hearing

Remember all those monsters in your closet and the things under your bed when you were little? Well, they’re real, but in the form of creepy neighbor people or the homeless guy you saw in the ally rummaging through your trash. The funny scratchy noise on your window – don’t worry it is most likely a tree branch. Maybe.

6. Time to Be Thankful

Yeah, remember when your mom or dad would bail you out of a late bill? Or your roommate always had a hand in giving you water when you drank too much? Those days are long gone – maybe you should call and say thanks; even if it does seem random.

7. Time to Remember Why

Remember why you are here, why you are on this journey, and really delve into your purpose. Discover your passion, and develop it alone. And when the time comes, you will be prepared to embrace it with someone else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Unsplash / Martin Wessely

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