5 Ways To Get Unstuck In A Passion Sucking World

You are in your twenties. You have figuratively started your career, but as you have comes to terms with the real world, you have realistically started paying your dues. Life as you have known it to be; parties, friends, staying up late to binge watch your Netflix TV series, has been buried deep under the heaps of work, and not to mention, the disappointment in the slowness you have allowed your life to become.

Your normal day-to-day becomes routine. You wake up, hit snooze five times, shower, get dressed, run late to work to sit as your desk job for 8 hours, drag your feet home, maybe eat a bowl of cereal for dinner, and without fail, fall asleep on the couch in your yoga pants and knee-high socks.

This routine, you say, is paying your dues. This routine, you say, will pay off in the long haul. Life as you have grown up wanting, is sifting through the relentless hours of work in hopes of dreaming up a bigger future. A future with money and a comfortable life. And before you know it, your routine becomes the epitome of your hopeless dream. You have lost your passion. Your dreams fade, and you are left with soggy cereal, bags under your eyes, and you, sinking quickly into the quick sands of this life you have so dreadfully made.

You feel stuck. You want change. But how? How do you get off your ass and create the dreams you have so long desired? How do you finally realize that not all work must be dreadful? Because it doesn’t have to be.

1. Discover Your Passion

As students of the college and university systems, we are told that our major will ultimately define us, and will ultimately give us the job of our dreams. The institutes and the professors we put hours of faith into tell us our potential, and grade our next steps on the ability to pass their exams. This is wrong. Your passion should be felt within. While higher studies may help us better define them, they cannot tell us what exactly keeps the passion going. If you have a passion to help people, do not limit that to the career of a Social Worker. Look at the passion within yourself, derive inspiration, find solutions, and create a better way of doing things.

2. Reflect on Your Surroundings

The environment you surround yourself with is a crucial reflection on yourself, and the work you create. For years I was in a city I hated. For me it was tiny, it had no real history, and moreover, I had no way to express my true passions. For anyone, being comfortable with where you live is just as important as planting a rose bush in the right season. You must be in the right conditions, for yourself, to grow and eventually blossom.

3. Take Advice from those who Failed

There’s a saying that goes, “There is no sunrise without sunset. There is no life without death. There is no success without failures.” Most people who have failed have also learned from their failure. By taking advantage of their story, you too can learn from their experience. This life does not have to be figured out alone, and it sure is a hell of a lot easier with someone who has been through it by your side.

4. Take Advice from those who Succeeded

Nothing is more inspiring than the story of triumph and success. By surrounding yourself by people who have passion, and especially people who have succeeded, you too will gain inspiration for your dreams. You will be pulled more to make your own mistakes, and more importantly, you will be pushed to never give up until you succeed.

5. Take Risks

This is as cliché as it comes, but it is cliché for a reason. Now, there is a difference between foolish risks and calculated risks. You must know that whatever risk you take, the advantage always outweighs the disadvantage. Taking risks will fuel your passion, and more importantly, fuel the fire to get yourself unstuck. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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