This Is How I Imagine The One I May Never Meet

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I imagine you’re a strong man. I imagine you’re the kind of man who starts his morning with a cigarette and a cup of black coffee, presumably after some good sex. I imagine you’re a passionate, yet tender lover who knows how to please a woman and never passes up a given opportunity. I imagine you’re well-read, cultured, and not shy about sharing your opinions…But that you also know when it’s appropriate to keep them to yourself because I know how good of a conversationalist and how genuinely interested you are. I imagine that you’re a good cook, as your calloused, rough hands gently, yet firmly grip the knife. I imagine you’re sweet, funny, and considerate of other people’s feelings. I imagine that you apologize sincerely when you hurt someone. I imagine you have a cat AND a dog, because you’re the kind of man who knows how to appreciate and love both. I imagine that when you’re not at work, you sleep in late and read the paper or a book over coffee and the aforementioned cigarette. I imagine that you’re capable of lifting things like luggage, burdens, and other people’s heavy hearts. I imagine that you carry them without objection and without argument. I imagine that in the winter you wear wool socks, flannels, and grow a beard. I imagine in the summer you spend your time hiking, canoeing, and drunkenly skinny dipping in nearby bodies of water – you’ll take whatever you can find. I imagine that your body is strong while your skin is smooth, and that the rest of you is equally as lovely as your eyes. I imagine that you love fiercely, loyally, and eagerly – as if every love is your first. I imagine that your eyes light up when you see her. I imagine that you spend your nights entwined, and you wake up at 3 a.m. to pull her closer to you because she can never be close enough. I imagine that I’ll never get to meet her – not that I would want to…and that she’s probably lovely, sweet, gentle, and entirely deserving of you.

I imagine I may never know that kind of love, nor be with a soul nearly as wonderful as your own.

I should probably stop imagining. TC mark

Kenzie Fitzpatrick is a writer from Philadelphia.

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