Sometimes The Best Response Is No Response At All

Sometimes the best response is no response at all. When you shift into this mindset, something powerful happens. You begin to keep your inner peace. You begin to live your truth without feeling as though you have to defend it. You have a new sense of self that is completely renewed. You begin to live.

There is not a soul on this Earth that deserves that much control over you. You are allowed to walk away. You are allowed to move on without sharing your truth. You owe zero explanation to anyone, especially toxic people. When you stop playing into the toxic cycle by not responding, it allows you to move on with life. It allows you to gain power in a toxic situation.

When you stop feeling as though you have to have the last word, there is a new sense of power that comes over you. You learn that some things in life are not worth your time or energy and that it is okay for people to not know your side of the story. You begin to put your energy into more productive things. When you give up on thinking you have to explain yourself, you give up on placing the value in other people’s opinion of you. You stop playing into games and you have complete control over yourself and your emotions. You begin to love yourself more. You begin to live your truth and live your life for you.

Sometimes the best response in no response in order to keep yourself grounded. Moving forward, begin to practice self-control and realize that you can choose NOT to engage. You can choose NOT to argue. And dammit, you can choose to stop the toxic bullshit. Move forward knowing that you are allowed to just be done, without putting an ounce more of your energy into it. Choose not to respond because not responding is a response. And a damn good one.

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