The Lord Woke You Up This Morning Because He’s Not Done With You Yet

I see you, the lost, lonely, and brokenhearted. I see that you haven’t been feeling yourself lately. Or maybe you are going through some type of hurt or heartache. Maybe you are even grieving the loss of a loved one. Through all of that, I see you. Better yet, HE sees you.

I know that right now, in the middle of all that hurt and anger, it is hard to see through it. But I have good news for you, friend. The Lord woke you up this morning, so He’s not done with you.

When you are dealing with a large emotion or big hurt, it is hard to see the good. But I am here to tell you that through it all, our Lord has not abandoned you, and He is still rooting for you. He still sees the potential, even when it is hard for you to drag yourself out of bed in the morning. He has not left your side. He’s there in the morning, urging you and pulling you out of bed when you feel as if the weight on your shoulders is too much.

So go ahead, girlfriend, place all your worries on Him. He is a good, good Father whose love transcends the depth of the ocean and the distance of the galaxy. There is not a worry too big or a hurt too deep. There is no sin too great. He has loved you through it all. The Lord woke you up this morning, so He’s not done with you.

Do not place a period where He has put a semicolon. Your story is not done. It is not over. Rest easy knowing that He has gone before you. He has laid out a path for you that is better than your wildest dreams, and if He woke you up this morning, He is not done with you.

So put on your boots, say a prayer, and face the day knowing that you are the daughter of the King. He woke you up this morning, so He’s not done.

I choose to seek the magic in every day and see the good in everyone.

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