He Cheated And That Is Not Your Fault

He cheated and that is not your fault.

Read that one more time.

He cheated and that is not your fault.

It is so easy and almost natural to sit in your room and replay the last three years. You can replay your first date and the first big fight. You can replay the words you said and the words left unsaid. However, replaying all of this is only hurting yourself. You will sit there in your dark room and drive yourself crazy. Don’t do that, beautiful girl. You don’t deserve it. Go easy on yourself and accept that what happened was outside of your control. He cheated and that is not your fault.

Unfortunately, this hurt is not something that will instantly go away. In fact, it will change you and stay with you. It will change the way that you approach love and trust. It will cause you to question and be skeptical. But through all that, please choose love again. Choose trust. Because at the end of the day, he cheated and that is not your fault.

Do not sit on your bathroom floor and question your every move. He fucked up and that is not your fault. You did your best, and that is all that you can do. Every day you woke up and you poured into that man. But sometimes when people have holes in them, what you pour into them goes right through. You cannot help that.

But what you can help is how you move forward. Do you choose to be cynical and angry or do you look forward with hope and love? I pray that you choose love. I hope that you do not let this experience turn you cold. Do not withhold your magic from this Earth.

This lifetime needs your hearty laugh and that bright smile. This Earth needs your warmth and encouragement. This Earth needs your energy. Do not let him steal your joy. He cheated and that is not your fault. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I choose to seek the magic in every day and see the good in everyone.

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