Start Up Your Startup

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Startup Today

Reason 1: You have everything you need to start

Money: This is the first barrier many people throw at themselves even before they begin. ‘I need experience first’ and ‘I do not have enough capital’ are among the best excuses you will commonly hear. Trust me, many startups have started with less than $100 in terms of capital. And for those who would say: ‘sure, it was because they had a brilliant idea’ I would tell you to stop making even more excuses as companies are built upon many concepts and pivots along the way that make them what we know today. As the successful would say, with true grit and determination, the money will come. (From investors to customers)

Time: Time is in fact something that is truly yours and you control it. Many people often forget that; your boss, your spouse, your school etc do not own any second of it. And that is why time is in fact the most important asset that anybody can own. Try this. Close your eyes for 10 seconds and imagine that you are living the dream. Now wake up and go do it, not for 10 seconds but for the next 10 months, then 10 years. Just quit your job and do what you really want in life.

Reason 2: You see the world in a new light

The whole world is run by startups, big or small. These startups create value that is transpired to the everyday man. Apple and Google are among the biggest names we are ever so familiar today and these were startups over a century ago. Big ideas that took the world by storm were once little whirlwinds that rattled the back door of your house. The value they create are immense and their stories are those that inspire. Elon Musk went from building an online payment system to electric cars to space shuttles. Now that is truly maximum influence and minimum excuses.

Reason 3: It is your story to tell

You should start something you can be proud of, so you can inspire others to do the same. It is never easy to step up against failure, but at the same time, these are the stories that you treasure and share the most. It is always about standing up on two feet and reaching out into the unknown. So what are you waiting for? Step out and see life, I want to challenge the people who read this to lead a purposeful life and inspire the next 9 to 10 million people they interact with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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