The Harsh Reality Of Wanting Someone To Come Back When They’ve Left

Second Chances
Nitish Meena

Comebacks are not real. It is true. They are not real. Most of us are looking for extraordinary things in life, some of us wanting miracles to happen, and some of us just wanted to get their relationships back.

How about asking for something realistic, like someone who truly cares for you or someone who can truly understand you.

Why do we always ask for something that breaks us apart in the first place? Why do we always choose the one who hurt us? And why do we keep on coming back for something that we’re not sure anymore?

The famous line of “Comeback is real” doesn’t really exist in your fairy tale. In reality, it’s more like of a nightmare that you wanted to escape as soon as you open your eyes.

The only reason that you wanted to come back is because of the memories you had with someone. Memories that are so pure, that you don’t want to lose for the rest of your life. But those memories come with lies, pain, and hatred that you don’t want to remember.

You’re being hesitant to do something that you wanted to do for your partner. Why? Because of “Trust”. Trust cannot come back the way you wanted to.

Even though how good she is, you’ll be still doubtful to everything she does. It cannot be easily gain or given. Now ask yourself how can you love someone without you trusting her? You will always have that feeling that she’s going to cheat on you even though she said that she was with her family.

You’ll always have that “What’s she doing right now feeling”. We don’t want to read between the lines all the time, doubting can kill a relationship. And that’s the thing that you don’t want to happen.

Always remember this, when you and your partner came back to a relationship it will never be the same thing again. Not the same love, not the same friendship, not the same person you know.

Everything will be changed in an instant. All your hopes and expectations will be gone, so as your long lost love. You will not go to look at her the same way before. You’ll always look at her like it was the last time. Your eyes will slowly drift away and so as your feelings.

It will be a nostalgic feeling for you, as you remember the first time you saw her. Your mind tells you to look at her and smile, but your heart is insisting you to cry. At that moment of your life, you will feel like you’re a falling mirror, waiting to be shattered anytime.

It’s not easy to forget about the past, it’s not easy to forget about the feelings and memories you had. But one thing certain, everything will slowly fade away as time passes by.

You’re just going to laugh at all the pain and sacrifices you’ve been through with the one you love someday. Don’t let the past bring burden to your heart, don’t let the memories haunt you every day. Do not force anything. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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