The World Is Rough, So Be Gentle With Yourself

The world is rough, and 99% of the time no one has your best interest at heart more than you do. You keep tossing and turning in bed at night because a part of you feels scared that somewhere out there, someone or something is out to get you. You’ve been through the wringer several times, and by now you understand what it takes to survive and to stand back up after falling down a thousand times. Sometimes you feel lonely; other times you simply feel alone. Either way, your heart aches for someone to lean on and for a soul to empathize with you in all of your struggle and misery.

But here’s an idea: what if you start to lean on yourself? And what if the soul that gets you and embraces you for all that you are — the good, the bad, and the ugly — is your own? What if in this world full of screams of, “You’re not good enough,” you maintain a heart that whispers “You are”? What if in every failure, every setback, every disappointment, and every heartache, you decide to be your own cheerleader? What if, even just for a day or a week, you allow yourself to cater to no one else but you? And what if, even just for one moment, you deliberately breathe in as you say to yourself, out loud, “I love you”?

Ah, those three words: I love you. Imagine the wonders those three words could do the minute you take control of your own thoughts and firmly decide that today marks the end of the search for another soul and the beginning of a relationship you have with the one that’s already within you. Imagine putting yourself first and see what that does to your mental, physical and emotional health.

Imagine a morning when the first thing you do as soon as you wake up is not to roll over your bed to reach for your smartphone, but to stretch towards the window and open the blinds to see the beautiful morning that welcomes you. Your eyes flutter open as the rustling of the leaves and the chirping of the birds declare the opening of a new day, another chance at life.

Imagine getting up and making your bed while singing to your favorite morning tunes that get your blood pumping. You head into the bathroom and as soon as you walk in, you see your gorgeous self in the mirror, a day older but also a day more alive. You give your face a little rinse with cold water, and then you give it a little stretch, humming hm’s and ha’s and giving your body a little shake in the process. You then make your way to the kitchen to brew your coffee and make your breakfast.

Imagine liking yourself enough to allow it to breathe in the aroma of coffee before taking a sip, because you know the smell of it wakes you up before it even touches your lips. And as you devour your morning meal, imagine what it would be like to finally reach a point in your life where you hoard positive vibes and good energy like there was a global shortage of them. Imagine knowing that the heart and the mind that you have are your own, just as the body that you have is your own, and that you have the full agency to carefully filter, categorize, and choose what goes in them.

Imagine a version of life where you have the conscious ability to tune in to your own body and listen to what it needs. You take the time and effort to put hydrogel patches over your tired eyes when they’re dark and puffy from staying up late a couple of days in a row, and you reward yourself with a trip to the movies or the spa because you know you’ve earned it. Imagine a reality where you care for yourself enough that you sleep when you must, but you always wake up once you feel ready to.

A reality where you stay hydrated throughout the day and consume fewer beverages at night, where you finally separate whites from colored when doing your laundry.

A reality where you reply with a loud “yes” to things that contribute to your happiness, and a firm “no” to those that do not, where your own emotions and ideas are finally heard by you.

A reality where your weaknesses, fears, and apprehensions are addressed properly and not brushed under the rug like they don’t matter, where your past is accepted and your present is embraced.

A reality where your health and your overall wellbeing are just as important to you as financial security, where you understand that even though money is good, it isn’t everything there is to life.

A reality where you make it a priority to spend more time with those you love, where a Sunday morning spent with family over homemade breakfast is a million times more desirable than a Saturday night out with strangers.

A reality where you have managed to surround yourself with friends who inspire you rather than put you down, where you are lucky enough to love and be loved in return.

A reality where you, more than anybody else, want what’s best for you and do whatever it takes to make you happy.

A reality in which you are you are the very moon that influences the tides of the ocean that is your life.

“I love you,” you say to yourself.

Imagine that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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