A Short List Of Things I’ve Wanted To Text You Now That I Know You’re Here

Roberto Nickson

1. What the fuck…

2. Well, well, well. 3 years later and we’re both in the same city. Who would’ve thought.

3. Hey it’s me, did you delete my number?

4. Let’s say hypothetically I still think about you and wonder if there’s something between us. What would you have to say about that?

5. Were you happy? Back then? Were you happy with her?

6. What about now? Are you happy?

7. You’re the last person I had sex with on my couch and I still think about it sometimes.

8. I immediately texted Rachel when I heard you were moving because she always said she thought we’d work out or she at least, like, hoped we would because she saw that there was something between us. But like…in a chill way.

9. Drinks are on me when you’re officially here. Welcome to the neighborhood.

10. Are you still the same person you were when I was 24? Do people change that much?

11. Can we pick up where we left off? Is that possible? Because I would really like to.

12. You know, I think you were the last person I felt something for.

13. Sometimes I’m so scared that I have literally no ability to feel things for other people again so like, I hope that you’re the break in the vicious cycle that is my own ambiguity. Even if this goes absolutely nowhere.

14. When he told me you were moving here, I pretended to not remember you for a second. Just to save face.

15. Do you think it’s at all possible that sometimes, thing actually do have a way of working themselves out?

16. So how long until you sell out and work for Amazon like everybody else?

17. You know, you told me you were going to move here. But I never actually thought you would.

18. If there’s no spark between us anymore, it’s okay.

19. But also, if there is, I want you to know that I’ve never hated you. I don’t think I ever possibly could.

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