American Horror Story ACTUALLY Revealed Season 7’s Theme And It. Looks. Crazy.


American Horror Story Fans Everywhere! Wake up and pay attention!! The theme for season 7 has been released by Ryan Murphy himself!!!1!

While previously we believed that AHS Season 7 would be all about the election (and promptly made a million jokes on Twitter) we were wrong about the simplicity of that direction.

While is why the actual theme seems so freakin’ cool.

And what is it, you’re probably asking?

American Horror Story: Cult

Last season the theme was kept securely under wraps until the actual premiere date, and many fans assumed a similar secrecy would follow suit for any new seasons. While Murphy has revealed (through various interviews and his own social media accounts) little snippets, it wasn’t clear if the actual overarching theme would be released until the September when the show is officially back.

But get ready for a Twisty time because the cult is coming!

Will it give us Jonestown vibes? What about the Manson fam? There are so many directions this could go, I know I’m basically buzzing with excitement.

We’ll have to wait until September 5th to find out what’s in store when AHS Season 7 will premiere on FX. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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