13 Women On The One ‘Single Girl’ Stereotype They Hate The Most

Sex and the City
Sex and the City

1. “I hate the Carrie Bradshaw thing. When did she become our poster child? I sincerely hope by my mid-30s I won’t be so destitute thanks to my compulsive shopping I’ll be begging my best friend to buy my apartment for me.” — Kendra, 27

2. “That there’s absolutely no way I could possible enjoy being single. That it’s all a charade and I’m secretly super lonely but just am putting on a ‘brave face.'” — Becca, 22

3. “I hate the notion that we’re prudes and like, ice queens. Or, on the flip, that we ‘give it up’ too early and that’s why no one sees a serious future with us. The very fact that you’re analyzing over what I am or am not doing in bed is frankly, invasive and pretty gross.” — Lauren, 24

4. “That there’s something wrong with us. When men are single, they’re ‘bachelors’. When women are single, we’re ‘spinsters’. Wow, society! You’ve sucked once again!” — Grace, 26

5. “It really bothers me that I’m not supposed to be content being single and dating casually. That there’s this notion that it’s not enough – I’m always supposed to want more somehow. It’s kind of exhausting when you think about it.” — Hannah, 27

6. “Everyone assumes I’m heartbroken. Nope – just single. I guess the former is more interesting?” — Jordyn, 25

7. “Those ‘poor you’ eyes you get when someone finds out you’ve never had a serious relationship. I’m sorry — I’m still in college! I didn’t know that on top of going to class I was supposed to do that as well. My bad.” — Olivia, 21

8. “If you call me a cat lady you’re giving me reasons to hate you exponentially more than I already do.” — Katharine, 23

9. “Somewhere somehow ‘single’ became synonymous with ‘miserable’. There are all of these articles, podcasts, tv-shows, shorts, magazine columns all dedicated to trekking through the journey of learning to be happy with your single status. I guess it just is really annoying and disappointing that it’s assumed that single = ridiculously unhappy. I’m very content. Even happy! Shocking, I know. And it didn’t take a 700 word article in Allure to get me there.” — Rose, 26

10. “That I care. Even a little bit. The only person thinking about how single I am is the person asking about it. It honestly rarely crosses my mind.” — Lucy, 24

11. “A lot of people, especially guys I’ve gone out with, assume that I MUST have unreachably high standards. And then I feel weird like I’m somehow not meeting THEIR standards by being more laid back than they anticipated. It’s just an uncomfortable situation all around.” — Isabelle, 23

12. “Ummm that I just would date anyone? That because I’ve been single for an extended amount of time I absolutely MUST be just dying for a new relationship. Nah fam. Couldn’t be further from me.” — Evelyn, 25

13. “I feel like shows like Sex and the City and Girls have kind of just ruined it. People start calling you suuuuuch a Shoshanna and it’s just kind of trivializing. You don’t see people doing that with guys, so why do we have to be broken down into characters just because of our relationship status?” — Dana, 22

14. “If someone compares me to ‘forever alone’ or any meme having to do with dying alone, I make a note to not invite them when I’m eventually getting married. Just kidding…mostly.” — Sam, 24 Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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