31 Questions To Ask Yourself When You Have No Idea Where Your Life Is Heading


1. Am I happy doing what I’m doing?

2. Or have I confused ‘being content’ with happiness?

3. What do I look forward to most during a typical month and is there a way to make that part of my everyday routine?

4. Would younger me be proud of current me?

5. If no, what would I need to change in order to make that answer a yes?

6. What is one area of my life that I can change today?

7. Is my day-to-day causing me unnecessary stress/anxiety/depression/discourse?

8. When did I start feeling this stuck?

9. What is different about my life today versus the life I thought I would have by now?

10. Am I able to base-level take care of myself?

11. If not, how can I change that?

12. Do I feel properly challenged by the work that I’m doing/life that I am leading?

13. What makes me the happiest?

14. When do I feel most like myself?

15. Are there people in my life who have a plan for me that doesn’t match the one I want for myself?

16. Do I have an adequate support system?

17. If I could pick just three things to change immediately, what would they be?

18. What are the steps I can take to change those three things right now?

19. Am I taking care of myself? Physically, mentally, etc etc.

20. Do I have someone to go to when I just need to talk things out?

21. What keeps me up at night?

22. What makes me get out of bed in the morning?

23. When was the last time that I really, truly did something JUST for myself?

24. Who is one person whose life I am envious of?

25. Why exactly am I jealous of them and the life they appear to lead?

26. Why/when do I disappoint myself?

27. How can I stop that? What can I do?

28. What is one little habit I can break (or in reverse, pick up) that will make me a happier person/better version of myself?

29. What scares me the most?

30. What fuels me the most?

31. What do I want? Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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