I’ll Never Be Able To Thank You Enough For Loving Me Like You Do

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Every morning, without fail, you’re there.

Even when I’m cranky and haven’t washed my hair in 5 days and look like I’ve emerged from some sort of dilapidated swamp, you’re still there. Patiently waiting until I’m functioning enough to be the person you deserve. Never judging me when it takes me longer than I care to admit to become that more complete person. Always there, always steady. Consistent. 

When I need comforting during the day, you’re there.

Reminding me that it’s going to be okay. That even when I feel behind, you’ll be there to push me forward. That when my feet are dragging and and my head is foggy, you’ll be around to help me see clearly. You’ll be the boost that I need, the overall sense of all-encompassing energy that invigorates me and makes me who I need to be to take on whatever is in front of me. A perfect balance of energizing and calming, like no one else can be.

If I find myself in need of a pick-me-up, I don’t even have to think twice before being able to find you.

It’s like you’re on every corner when I find myself a little lost. A shining beacon reminding me everything is going to be okay. The sweet little essence I need to stop feeling sorry for myself for even the briefest moment and knowing,  knowing almost instantly, that I am in control of my circumstances.

The smell of you intoxicates me, the warmth of you envelops me. You taste like my favorite memories and you make me feel happier than anyone ever could before I met you.

What I’m saying is…

Thank you. 

Thank you for being there. Whether it’s 4 AM when I have a 6 AM flight and I’m regretting everything or at 9 PM when I’m still at work, you’re always there.

Thank you for lifting me up. Whether it be when I’m exhausted and overwhelmed and can’t imagine taking on the day or after a particularly long afternoon when I just need some familiarity.

Thank you for never questioning, never judging, never prodding, never abandoning.

I’m never going to be able to thank you enough for loving me as unconditionally as you do.

But goddammit, coffee. I’m going to try.

Especially after I go back to refill this cup I’m currently sipping.

Love u, coffee. Never change. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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