21 Sincere Questions I Have For Any And All Of My Friends Who Consider Themselves Political


1. What does voting mean to you?

2. Do you know what voting blindly means?

3. How do you fight against the mentality that is voting blindly?

4. Does who your family votes for play into your political affiliation at all?

5. What issues are the most important to you personally?

6. Are you able to listen and fairly discuss things with people who literally do not agree with you on anything?

7. Where’s your “line” with people who have opposing views?

8. Have you ever just not voted?

9. In the political party you align with, where are there issues? What do you think that your party could stand to improve on?

10. Where do you get your news?

11. Do you believe in conspiracy theorists? Why or why not?

12. What do you think our government owes us as the American people?

13. What do you prioritize when it comes to the things that we as American citizens vote on?

14. In what area do you personally think you, as a person, need to improve the most? Listening? Researching? Activism?

15. Do you think a candidate’s gender matters? Why or why not?

16. What do you honestly think about the electoral college?

17. How were you raised politically? How do you think your upbringing (if at all) influenced the person you are today?

18. Do you like to argue? Or do you do your best to have discussions and dialogues?

19. How do you feel about protesting?

20. What does the word “empathy” mean to you from a political standpoint?

21. In your perfect world, what do we get from our government? What sort of world do you hope for us to live in? Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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