Outfit Your Workspace Like A Boss Lady With These 10 Items


These 10 products (all available on eBay) will help take your workspace from drab to fab. Some assembly required — but that’s what interns are for!

1. Find the office chair that suits you perfectly.


Having the same, black, probably mesh chair is not chic, and not what boss ladies do. Order your own chair with a snazzy pattern, or in a bold color that flairs up your space, and makes it indisputably you.

2. Create a workspace with ambiance.


Not only do candles create a light that’s truly relaxing and inviting, but smells like lavender, fir, lemon, and eucalyptus can instantly change your mood. They’re not only incredibly soothing, but they’ll actually make you feel better. Win win.

3. Art that really speaks to you.


Art that reminds you to kick ass, that you’re doing a great job, and that you’re a boss lady, deserves a place in your workspace. Whether you find something created, or frame a card or something else, have things around that inspire you, that get you going, that remind you to be a boss.

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