There’s Something So Right About How Wrong You Are For Me

Emmanuel Rosario
Emmanuel Rosario

You and I are not puzzle pieces.

We do not fit perfectly together to form the corner of a poppy field and sit hand and hand gazing at how symmetrically our fingers meet. We did not find each other and fold into the other’s with ease, with grace. We are not completely made up of some sort of imagery that makes people smile and say, “That makes sense.”

You and I are vinegar and baking soda. We’re pickles and ice cream. We’re absolutely no Sonny and Cher. We’re the similes and metaphors for things that do not belong together because darling, we do not make sense.

You and I are, for all intents and purposes, completely and utterly wrong for each other.

You are all stability and “This is what I want.” I am always running and jumping and am full of uncertainty. You are more maps, I am more road less traveled. You are alarms being set and I am staying up until 3. You want a period at the end of a sentence while I’ll settle for an ellipsis.

Darling, there’s nothing about us that should add up to love so why, why am I standing here with my heart in my hand so desperately hoping you take it?

You make me so, so mad. The way you march around in those stupid boots, yelling about the government and the things you believe makes me want to scream and shut your mouth forever. You do not listen and love the sound of your own voice more than anything.

You’re terrible, and I’m terribly smitten.

I am broken and you don’t have the patience for putting pieces back together. When I flinch you don’t notice, when I retreat you don’t come looking, when I say I’m sad you want me to get over it. Logistically, you are not what I need.

So why am I sitting here, trying to read you like a prescription I so terribly hope is going to work because I like the way it tastes?

On paper the idea of you and me is completely ridiculous. We should cut our losses, say “at least we tried”, quit while we’re ahead. We should throw up our hands, call it a good game, and go on our merry way.

But here you are, trying to fit into my bed. Here you are, trying to figure out how to take a deep breath and listen. Here you are, asking for glue and instructions to try and mend me. Here you are, giving it a shot.

And here I am, letting you.

Here I am, saying go ahead and reaching out my hand. Here I am, speaking slowly and making my needs known. Here I am, saying “I feel” instead of “You need to.” Here I am, waiting for you and being patient.

Here I am, making room.

There are so many reasons why you and I should just not. So many reasons to toss up our hands in defeat and walk in opposite directions. So many excuses we could make about how wrong we are for each other and why it’s just a waste of time.

But instead, we’re just looking for excuses to come back. Instead, we’re still here.

Because maybe wrong is just what we need. Maybe we’ve been studying ingredient lists for so long we’ve forgotten what it’s like to just crave something and go for it. Maybe we’ve forgotten that two elements that seem like a bad idea can actually make an explosion like no other. Maybe we forgot that what may seem like two different voices, can actually make some truly incredible harmony.

Maybe wrong is the only thing we’ve ever gotten right.

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