15 Ways Young Souls Love Differently

lauren rushing
lauren rushing

1. We are not afraid of something different. Young souls see the world with fresh eyes and want to experience absolutely everything the world has to offer. We don’t limit ourselves to ‘types’ or believe there’s only one kind of person they’re compatible with. Because of this we’re not afraid of the unknown, it’s the opposite. We see the unknown as exciting, as possibility. And it completely thrills us.

2. We’ll always jump at the chance to take an adventure. The quickest way to a young soul’s heart is to show them something new. No matter how big or small, we’re always game to go on a journey or explore something new. And doing it with someone we love? That makes it that much more magical.

3. We don’t settle. For anything. Young souls are completely driven by ambition. We do not balk at obstacles or get intimidated by difficult times. This is because young souls are fueled by the idea of reaching their ultimate potential. It means we always believe that we can do better, we can be better. So we’ll never say, “This is it. This is all we have to give.” We’ll always be reaching for more.

4. Impulsivity is one of our fatal flaws. We have a (kind of terrible) tendency to leap before we look. We don’t do this in a ‘running away’ sort of fashion, it’s mostly that we have to be reminded to think things through.

5. We’re more adaptable than older souls. You can never accuse a young soul of being set in their ways, because we don’t really have ways to be set in. We’re willing to try new things, adjust how we argue, compromise on things that are new for us. We’re totally malleable and flexible and feel comfortable and content doing things differently.

6. We fall hard and fast, or not at all. Our emotions run on extremes. We’re either totally enamored and feeling everything at once, or we don’t feel anything. It does mean we run high and low, hot and cold. But it also means we love intensely and deeply.

7. Challenges do not scare us even a little bit. Because of our natural inclination to go for things that we want and to reach for the top tier of our potential, young souls are not intimidated by the presence of a challenge. If we want something, we’ll make it happen. Or we’ll fight as best as we can for it.

8. There will be times where you have to show us how you wanted to be loved. Remember, young souls are experiencing things (often) for the first time. We are the people who are ‘bad at dating’ or ‘scared of love’. It’s not because we’re broken; we’re just new at all of this. So sometimes it’ll be up to you to show us what you need, and show us how to love. But we’re so open to it. We’ll absorb all of the new information like a sponge, and we’ll never forget it.

9. We may seem distracted, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care. We’re just taking everything in all at once.

10. Sometimes we will be overwhelmed by our feelings. Love is a big emotion, a big thing to process. We feel and experience everything and oftentimes those emotions are new and very scary. So sometimes, those feelings make us panic. It doesn’t mean we’re running away and it doesn’t mean we can’t handle it. We’re just figuring it out and have to do it one day at a time.

11. We’re not flighty; we just want to try everything. And we’ll try anything once. We’re the people who eat past our fill, stay up too late, or will all of sudden book tickets to go on a random vacation because it sounds fun. We just want to have as many experiences as we can. So we’re thrilled by the idea of experimenting socially, sexually. Really in any way possible.

12. Sometimes we don’t have the words to describe what’s wrong or what’s going on in our heads. When we say “I don’t know,” it’s not because we don’t know what we’re feeling or what we want/need, it’s that we don’t how to describe it. It can be really frustrating to know something is brewing, but not doing how to verbalize it. So we require a bit more patience from our partners as we navigate these new, uncharted territories.

13. We do not love with preconceived notions. We let things go more quickly, and are more inclined to forgive and forget. We don’t compare people because we look for the new, we search for the differences. Differences are exciting to us so we aren’t inclined to expect that people are all the same, nor do we ever want them to be.

14. Because of our wide-eyed way of looking at the world, we hurt more than most. Since we feel everything so strongly, it’s easy to hurt us and hurt us deeply. When our hearts are broken it’s devastating to us. And because of that, it can take us a longer to bounce back.

15. We will love you as wholly as possible. Our feelings may be new and scary and we might be kind of ADD and all over the place, but we will always make room for you in our lives and love you to the best of our ability. We will never hold back love, never keep it on reserve. We will always give all that we can. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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