If You’re In A Committed Relationship With Coffee This Video Will Speak To Your Soul

I am 100% guilty of being one of those people who is simply USELESS without a piping, hot cup of coffee about a half-hour after I wake up. And even then, I’m probably going to have at least one, if not two more after that to keep my productivity at the level it needs to be to do my job well. Maybe it’s because I’m in Seattle, where the coffee flows like the rain, or maybe it’s because coffee is my life force and I just have accepted that fact.

The people over at Perez BrosΒ get me. And if you’re also useless without a latte, an americano, or an IV bag filled with coffee by your side they obvs get you too.

Recognize that at all? The first time you sipped the nectar of the gods and realized that, to paraphrase words of Taylor Swift, everything had changed?

Perez Bros
Perez Bros

From the first sip you’ve known, coffee was really all you’d ever needed. It’s the push you’d needed to be a better, less grumpy, but stinkier breathed version of yourself.

Perez Bros
Perez Bros

Truly, your brain is never at full firing ability until that lil’ bean hit your nervous system.

Perez Bros
Perez Bros

You’re happiest when you’re with your coffee, that’s just a fact.

Perez Bros
Perez Bros

Yeah…pretty much that’s how you find your bliss. And you’re not going to apologize for it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to fire up my Keurig. TC mark

For more videos and comedy like this, check out Perez Bros on Vimeo.

Kendra Syrdal



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