15 Reactions From The Simpsons For Every Day Life

Twitter / Simpsons Screens
Twitter / Simpsons Screens

1. When you realize that you texted your ex nothing but old Duffy lyrics circa 2008 at 3:21 AM.

2. When it’s finals week and you know there’s a light but your prof doesn’t grade on the curve.

3. When you’re on an OKC date and you realize you should have given more of a shit about the “match percentage” because she’s a raging Trump supporter.

4. When the aunt you only see once a year asks, “So what was your degree in again?”

5. When your friend’s crush is in the same place as you, and you say a little TOO loudly, “Don’t look but that guy who’s texts you screenshotted is right over there in the blue AA hoodie.”

6. When you’re trying to explain the other services Planned Parenthood offers and he just keeps yelling “Murderers!!”

7. When the car next to you yelled, “HEY SEXY” and interrupted you right before the chorus in “Hello” which you were about to NAIL.

8. When they ask if they can have a drawer at your place.

9. When you thought you were hardcore ordering the 4 star spicy Pad Thai but you realize your mistake.

10. When you blacking out is the only way to survive the office party.

11. When the Uber driver asks, “So which way do I take?”

12. When you finally buck up and listen to the voicemails from Sallie Mae.

13. When it finally hits you how many rounds you bought for everyone on Saturday.

14. When you didn’t drink or have more than a salad and she throws out there, “Let’s just split brunch, k girls!!?”

15. When it’s payday and you don’t want to think about how you’ll feel next week. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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