42 Irrational Things I Had Anxiety About This Month


1. My phone dying.

2. My phone not taking a charge.

3. Not having enough chargers in my possession to charge said phone. (I have five in my apartment ALONE.)

4. Ending sentences in professional emails with prepositions.

5. The ferry sinking while I was on it.

6. What the bartenders at that piano bar were saying about me behind my back/just when I was out of earshot.

7. What people I have never met in real life were saying about me behind my back.

8. What people I HAVE met in real life were saying about me behind my back.

9. Whether or not I really am lactose intolerant. (I am.)

10. My dog getting trapped on the balcony when I went to Target.

11. My computer dying.

12. My computer breaking.

13. My computer updating one night and losing all of the 17 Unsaved Documents I have with half finished pieces.

14. My nail beds bleeding.

15. The scars from shaving my legs not fading.

16. Needing birth control refills.

17. Needing groceries.

18. Needing bleach.

19. Needing new jeans.

20. Needing new glasses.

21. Needing dog food.

22. Needing these things but not wanting to go to Target to get them because again, I didn’t want to leave my dog.

23. Not having enough storage on my phone.

24. Having to delete things off of my phone.

25. Whether or not my hair smelled.

26. Whether or not my face look oily.

27. If my debit card would get declined buying eggs benedict.

28. My alarm not going off in the morning.

29. Donald Trump.

30. What Donald Trump’s inevitable book will be like.

31. Whether or not other people can see that bitchy star emoji on Snapchat or if it’s just me.

32. What would happen if my employers or my parents ever saw my Snapchat.

33. The sound my garbage disposal made one night. It was probably just the prelude to me living a real life Paranormal Activity. Nbd.

34. Insomnia.

35. Sleeping too much.

36. Needing to clean my apartment because I put in a maintenance request.

37. Not cleaning my apartment because I watched old episodes of 30 Rock instead.

38. What the maintenance people would think of my not clean place and of course, my dog.

39. The weird chest pains I had one morning.

40. How much internet is too much internet.

41. Being annoying.

42. Having anxiety to begin with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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