You Should Love Yourself The Way Jesus Loves You

You Should Love Yourself The Way Jesus Loves You
John Canelis

In today’s society, it’s a very known fad to get people to love themselves. But it’s also a trend in today’s society that we push people in the opposite direction of that. You hear Christians all the time talk about how we are “not worthy of His love,” or how “selfish” and “sinful” we are.

While yes, it is true that we are very sinful and undeserving people, that also in no way means we are horrible people. That in no way means we should beat ourselves up, and bottom line hate ourselves. In church today, we skip straight to the part of how undeserving and sinful we are, and we forget the part where Jesus thinks we ARE deserving. Out Father wouldn’t have gone through all that trouble for us if he wanted us to just hate ourselves.

If we are hating ourselves because we are living in shame, then we are not truly living in grace. The whole point of grace is so that we will not feel the shame and the hurt. All that was taken away at the cross. It breaks our Father’s heart to see us beating ourselves up over things that have been long gone because of the cross. I am in no way saying I’ve mastered this, or that I am fully comfortable with myself, because I’m not.

But I do know that I, in no, way have to feel this way. I think some Christians feel as if the church makes them out to be selfish if they love themselves. I know the feeling. Like loving ourselves is a sin and you should only love Jesus. Someone tell me why church people always talk about how important it is to love others (which it is), but they never emphasize the importance of loving ourselves. We cannot love people to our full extent if we do not love ourselves.

Now, don’t go find your love for yourself in the things of this world. Go find the love for yourself in Jesus. He will show you a whole new kind of love, one that is real and beautiful. Never think that loving yourself is selfish.

Never think that loving Jesus means you can’t love yourself.

Feeding those lies are what the enemy strives for. Jesus calls us to love ourselves because he loves us. We are precious to Him. Embrace that. Be comfortable in your skin knowing you are loved by the Father of the universe. That’s a pretty big deal, and if anything that should force you to at least stop being so hard on yourself.

Trust me, I’m learning the same lesson with you. I know firsthand how hard it is to compare ourselves. Guys and girls. Shout out to my fellas who also compare themselves and feel less than, you should love yourself, too. It’s not just a girl thing to love yourself.

Humans should love themselves. Don’t say you are striving to love like Christ if you don’t love yourself like Christ loves you. I promise it will not make you selfish. It will make you grow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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