The Reason That Might Explain Your Unhappiness

Everyone knows it, but no one wants to admit it. Social media, texting, and Netflix are all causing us to go crazy. With ADHD on the rise, there is no doubt that constantly being surrounded by stimulus is affecting human nature.

It seems that the connection with nature has been lost through the presence of material goods and advancing technology. Not everyone lacks this connection, but very few people actually seek to be one with nature. The adventurous types normally find a way to be one with nature, oftentimes going on long hikes or backpacking trips. The need for nature is biological though. The mind cannot thrive while it is preoccupied with iPhones, computers, and video games. Sicknesses are acquired from the stress of overworking and overstimulation.

Overstimulation is really the root of the problem. Can you remember the last time that you looked through everything on your Facebook and looked again because you didn’t know what to do next? I do. There has become a reliance on technology. In some cases, we look at pictures of nature while lying on the couch thinking that there is nothing to do. Looking at pictures, while better than nothing, can only give a sliver of what is really there. Sitting around doesn’t help you experience it. T

he visual image isn’t always the best part of nature. Instead, the cool breeze on your skin when the sun is setting can be the best. Or the way that the world smells after a downpour. Or even the way that the crickets sound in the distance. The world is out there to be seen.

Instead of reading the lists of “12 ways to become happier,” it is time to experience the world. The beauty of this is that connecting with nature is easy. It makes you happy. At first, the overstimulation causes issues. You constantly want to text someone how cool the sunset is right now or Google some type of flower you just saw. But somewhere down the line, being out in nature becomes more satisfying than looking at your social media. You start to experience life even when you aren’t in nature because you no longer rely on Instagram to provide you the personal reality show of everybody you are following.

Your mind becomes present. Your existence in mindful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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