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I’ve never had a cavity in my whole entire life.

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Kelsey Wright

Maybe Your Church Isn’t Even A Church

Maybe your church is sleeping in on Sunday mornings, where you wake up to the smell of coffee and sense of freedom. Maybe it’s there that you find yourself at peace and filled with a little more happiness.

Maybe I Was Designed To Be Alone

Take your time, because I’ve realized that the more times you lose yourself, you end up coming back with more of yourself than you ever had before.

You Are Love, And I Choose You

Thank you for choosing joy, light, and the higher route. Because hate is easy, but after all that, after all this. You have continued to choose love. And for that, I am so so proud of you.

This Year, I Hope You Lose

I hope you lose weight, especially the dead weight of a bad habit or that shitty person you’ve let hang around too long. I hope you lose control, lose it so bad that you start to enjoy the feeling of being free and inspired.