Finding Answers In The Rain

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Sometimes the sign we are desperately looking for is right outside our window.

Sometimes on lazy Sunday afternoons, watching the rain fall heavily, listening to the clouds cry onto our rooftops, there are lessons to be learned.

Sometimes we need to learn to dance in the rain, to soak in the difficult moments that make us ache, and dance to the beat of our worst fears.

Sometimes the rain isn’t simply rain. It’s a reminder that there is life after pain, there is a rainbow after the storm.

Sometimes life delivers us storms to watch how we handle them.

Sometimes thunder and lightning make the ultimate dance partners; they’ll put on a show for you.

Sometimes there’s nothing left to do but to put on some cute rain boots and go puddle jumping.

Sometimes the clouds cry all day long until there are no tears left to cry, until the evening welcomes the blaring hot sun to remind us that the sun will always shine again.

Sometimes behind all the gloom, the dark and the dreary, there is light. Behind every bad day, every mistake, every heartache, every headache and every hardship, there is light.

Sometimes humans are like flowers — we need a little rain to help us grow.

Sometimes the rain cleanses the busy downtown streets of an overpopulated city, but it also cleanses the hearts of those in need of a fresh start.

Sometimes the rain blurs the outside world from our window, allowing us to fill in the lines ourselves, allowing us to paint our very own picture.

Sometimes there is nothing quite like getting caught in the rain with the person carrying your heart in the pocket of their jeans.

Sometimes if we are paying close enough attention, all the answers we will ever need are right outside our window, dancing on our rooftops. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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