You Are In The Driver’s Seat In This Journey That Is Your Life

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I’ve recently discovered an incredibly obvious, but sometimes hidden under bullshit observation; you don’t have to justify or explain anything you choose to do or to not do to anyone under any circumstances. It’s that simple, crazy right?.

As people, we have a tendency to believe that if someone is going against the grain in there decisions, in how they decide to live and what works for them, it’s somehow “wrong” which in itself is ironically “wrong” to even suggest. 

Just because the masses are doing things a certain way, does not mean it’s the right path for you. Always listen to your gut and follow it with no hesitation. It will send you different vibes for different reasons, it will never steer you off your destined course.

People will always give you their unwarranted opinions about everything you are or are not doing, regardless of the situation, someone will always have two cents to give whether you ask for it or not. The key is to not let this deter you from YOUR opinion of what you’re choosing to do. Don’t waste your energy trying to convince someone to see it your way, simply thank them for their unwelcomed view and go ahead with your journey as intended. Some people want to see you thrive and they truly care about your well being, but most just want to hear their own voices.

To put it simply , everything comes down to what you’re comfortable doing. Sometimes we should all push our own boundaries and face some of our sillier fears, but you do that on your own schedule, not on someone else’s. No one else can determine when you’re ready. You’re the driver here, you’re calling the shots and you have the final say on all of your decisions. There’s beauty in knowing the power lies with you and no one else can truly take that away from you.

Everything that is to be will be. Our lives are like a GPS, it will navigate us to where we need to be and it will recalculate when we go the wrong way.

Do you, let others do the same. TC mark

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