A Comprehensive List of Things I Want From Life, Love, And You

Greg Kantra
  1. I want pinky promises as a legitimate form of trust and certainty.
  2. I want makeup free Sundays, curled up with chocolate chip pancakes and sticky syrup fingers.
  3. I want baby blues and scruffy kisses.
  4. I want arguments over who should have won American Idol. 
  5. I want summer rain and soaked memories.
  6. I want photo albums that only we look at it, not our followers.
  7. I want fights that end in apologies, not door closures.
  8. I want home cooked meals that don’t turn out, leaving our only option; pizza.
  9. I want blanket forts because that shouldn’t stop when childhood does.
  10. I want water gun fights at formal events.
  11. I want food fights in a newly renovated kitchen.
  12. I want to talk shit about people we hate together.
  13. I want inside jokes.
  14. I want conversations with only our eyes.
  15. I want to make fun of how stupid Valentine’s Day is, but secretly love knowing you’re mine.
  16. I want a song that’s ours.
  17. I want to rock the air guitar with you at our wedding.
  18. I want to be my unapologetically goofy self with you, always.
  19. I want to go sledding with you on the first night of snowfall.
  20. I want our stinky morning breath on Christmas mornings.
  21. I want to forget to set the alarm, on purpose.
  22. I want to have your back, no matter what.
  23. I want our kids to wrap up household items and call them presents.
  24. I want to hang our kid’s awful artwork on the fridge, is it an animal or a car? Who knows.
  25. I want to hear a strange noise in the middle of the night and make you go see what it is.
  26. I want to stop having to kill spiders myself.
  27. I want you and my dad to have life chats, he’s wise.
  28. I want you to be my brothers best friend, apart from me ( of course).
  29. I want you to treat my mother like you would your own.
  30. I want you to understand that you will have to stop at least twice on our adventures so that I can pee.
  31. I want you to understand that I will never share my chocolate with you. I love you, but no.
  32. I want to laugh all night when we should be sleeping because we have an early morning ahead of us.
  33. I want a long, happy life with you and our weird little family.
  34. I want to face it all with you. TC mark

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