This Is How You Should Love Me

Allef Vinicius / Unsplash

Love me like a blanket; wrap me up in the stillness of the night when my thoughts run wild.

Love me like my favorite sweater; the most comfortable item I own. Make me feel safe in the fabrics of your arms.

Love me like your favorite book; read in between my lines, bring my character to life.

Love me like your first car; take me everywhere, let’s mindlessly drive with no plan of destination.

Love me like the night sky loves its stars; hold me there for hours, don’t let me fall.

Love me like a best friend; tell me everything. Tell me what keeps you awake at night, what your dreams consist of. Let your guard down, we’re a team.

Love me like your favorite movie; repeat our scenes over and over, never tiring of them.

Love me like a painting; please don’t ever let our colors fade, please don’t ever place us on a wall and forget to appreciate our beauty.

Love me like your first job; the one you put all your effort into.

Love me like Sunday mornings; let’s ease into our days gently, never rushing.

Love me like your favorite class; pay close attention, always listen.

Love me like the flowers in Spring; let’s grow together. Watering where necessary.

Love me like an Editor; don’t be afraid to review me. Tell me when I’m wrong, give me your advice.

Love me like a life jacket; keep us above life’s murky waters, don’t ever let us sink.

Love me like a bulletproof vest; protect my heart.

Love me like Thanksgiving; always be grateful.

Love me like Winter; in my purest form. When I don’t have the energy to look like Spring.

Love me like a crossword; no matter how hard it gets, you will not give up.

Love me like a riddle; uncomplicate me. Figure me out.

Love me like this.

I will love you like this. TC mark

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