10 Ways To Tell If Someone Really, Really Likes You

1. They will show good manners. This covers things such as opening the door for you, paying for you, making sure you’re comfortable, and caring for your general safety and wellbeing.

2. They clearly listen to you and demonstrate that by remembering things you shared with them.

3. They’re honest. An ideal partner will be honest and upfront about their current situation in life, their past, and what they’re looking for in a relationship.

4. They take an obvious interest in you. This person will ask about your life, past, hobbies, interests, etc., and pay attention to your answers. They’ll be game for trying new things with you and diving into your interests just as much as you try out theirs.

5. The right person will be genuine. You should be able to tell by their facial expressions, eyes, body language, and tone of voice over several dates if they’re actually interested in you or just stringing you along for whatever reason.

6. They don’t play games—meaning they keep their word, follow through on plans and commitments, and act out what they say. You don’t sit around wondering what you’re going to get with them.

7. This person will show emotions around and for you, which goes along with being honest and genuine. Obviously, if they actually like you, they should be showing appropriate affection.

8. They will respect you. A potential partner should respect your boundaries, beliefs, wishes, and opinions. If nothing else, I think an easy way to tell if someone likes you is to gauge how much he or she seems to respect you—your feelings, your time, your boundaries, etc. If they’re not showing respect, they don’t really like you that much.

9. They make time for you. The right person will always make sure you feel like an important part of their day. They’ll take the time to text you, call you, see you, etc. You’ll never feel like an afterthought.

10. The right person will amaze you in how much they like you, because you never even felt like you were trying. They’ll like you completely for who you really are, and you never feel the need to be something else.