7 Reasons Why Coming Home From College For The Summer Is Actually The Best


1. Your Own Bed

There is nothing better than your own bed. Period. Your own pillows. Your own blankets. Your own sheets. Sure you can bring these with you to college, but your bed at home knows  you. Sure it may be old, or too small, but it is your bed. No one else has slept in it. Or done god knows what else in it too.

2. Home Cooked Meals

Finally a break from school food! No more meal plan! Nothing beats your mom’s homemade meals! You can eat something delicious, without having to wonder what ingredients they put in there and if they used real meat. 

Bonus: Now you  never have to worry about eating alone when you wanted company, or eating with too many people when all you wanted was peace and quiet.

3. No Rent

Regardless if you live on campus or off campus, it’s inevitable that you will end up paying rent or room and board. But the joys of going home means your own space for no cost – or if your parents are trying to prepare you for the real world – a fraction of the cost.

4. Real Toilet Paper

I don’t know if this is just my small piece of heaven or if it applies to everybody, but toilet paper is something that can make or break your butt’s life. At school, every stall is filled with some sad excuse for toilet paper. I mean, their “toilet paper” is so thin and scratchy that I can also use it for present’s tissue paper, face blotting paper, or fake snow. All of which I have done.

5. Family and Friends

Yea, you have friends at college and sometimes those friends also play the role or parental units. But there is nothing like coming home to your own parents’ love. You know they missed you, probably more than you missed them. And nothing beats coming home and seeing your home friends. This means catching up, getting coffee, and getting to share stories and gossip with people who weren’t there to experience it or have already heard it multiple times.

6. Your Own Shower

A break from communal showers! No more cheap rubber flip flops in the shower, no more toting your shampoo and soap down a long hallway, no more avoiding that hot guy while your in just a towel and your wet hair looks like a monster, no more trying to hold in your Broadway Tunes you want to belt out, no more wavering shower pressure as 3 other people also go to shower, no more mystery clumps or globs, no more people taking advantage of the gender neutral bathroom for sex… should I go on?

7. Free laundry

You may not realize it, but laundry is the bane of your existence. If you do it, you’re short a few bucks for the week. But if you don’t do it, you’re either short a lot of benjamin’s because you decided to buy more underwear in order to prolong laundry day, or you regret your decision later when you’re going commando or rewearing that one skirt because you really needed it for that party. 

Bonus: If your parents are super nice, your mom might even do your laundry for you! No more trying to figure out if something is dark or light or tumble dry or hang dry… so much laundry jargon. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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