What It’s Truly Like To Be An Overthinker

Luiza Sayfullina

When you’re a thinker, sometimes your mind can make you feel like you’re diving into an ocean with your eyes closed, just trying to blindly touch the bottom with your fingertips.

It can feel like infinity-like traveling through galaxy after galaxy with no end in sight. It can feel like being lost in a new city, endless twists and turns. Your mind can not be confined by the walls it’s contained in. It’s an open cage, like an open concept room with no doors, no borders.

The mind is the best magic trick there is. Constantly tricking us into believing something is true when it isn’t or swirling scenarios around that come out of nowhere. Thinkers tend to be anxious people, especially at night- when the mind is most active. Thinkers usually have very vivid, imaginative dreams because their day thoughts simply transfer into the subconscious wonderland that is sleep.

Thinkers are expert listeners and usually supreme advice givers. It’s an art form to truly be able to listen to someone speak, no interruptions – an art form that is lost on most people.

Finding a group of people that actually listen to you speak, can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. You know the feeling- you’re telling a story and the viewers become distracted, they’re on their phone, they cut you off or they simply look away or start talking to someone else. It’s embarrassing. See, thinkers learn fast though, they never make this mistake again, they know who their audience is.

The best release for a thinker is being completely invested in something directly in front of them. A scene in a movie perhaps may have them so intrigued that they are completely focused on it and only it. Focusing the mind like that is a skill that takes a while to perfect.

It’s extremely hard to shut off the constant slide show of thoughts going on 24/7 but, when they do it’s a beautiful stillness. Thinkers are rarely lonely, they are usually entertained and not easily bored. They often need some downtime alone, away from the distractions of the world and the clutter of noises, to just be still and enjoy silence. There is such beauty in silence, an underrated beauty.

When you’re a thinker, you are capable of more than you know. There is creativity seeping through each swirling thought and each day dream. The trick is to reign in the creativity before it passes by.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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