Why Girls With Soft Hearts Are The Strongest Type Of Girls

Myles Tan

So you’re the girl who cries at commercials , or at the sappy Nicholas Sparks movies. You’re the girl who wants to help everyone fix their problems, give everyone solid advice. You’re the girl who is there for everyone when they need you. You’re the girl who runs her life on how she feels, not on facts. You’re not always logical but, you’re emotional. For that reason , you’re not strong … right?. 

This is the thing about strength; the one’s who seem the most sensitive, empathetic, emotional – they are the strongest right down to the core type of women or humans in general. 

They don’t need to pretend to be strong. They don’t need to create the illusion to others that they have it all together or that they’re “tough” and nothing ever knocks them down. They are vulnerable and real and that takes a hell of a lot more strength than those who do the pretending.

Why do we mistake emotion, kindness, soft natured characteristic for weakness? 

Listen, this is for all you fellow empaths who absorb people’s hurt , carry it as your own. You wear your hearts on your sleeves and you genuinely care , maybe even too much. You feel the weight of others problems and often find it a heavy burden to carry around, but you do it anyways because your heart has no end. Your heart is too big for your body, it’s like a galaxy that goes on forever, leaving it more vulnerable to manipulation and fragility. 

You are not now, nor will you ever be weak. Please repeat that sentence, say it to yourself every night if you have too. Do not be afraid to show your raw emotions. Do not apologize for doing so. Do not apologize for being real and for feeling deeply.

These are qualities that make you the person everyone wants in their lives. It makes you the person everyone turns too. With that comes incredible responsibility and a lot of energy, it’s not easy. It’s never going to be easy but, you see, that’s just it; you are capable of handling this. You are not afraid to face emotion, to show it. You embrace it for what it is and you help people.

You help people more than you realize and you probably aren’t thanked enough for it but, your heart is a valuable asset. That being said, remember it is okay to take a step back when you’re feeling drained. For the sake of your own well being. Self care is incredibly important. You often have to be your own outlet. 

My hope for you, is that you find yourself another empath. One who YOU can turn to when you need help figuring out how you feel or just figuring out your life. Someone who will validate your emotions the way you do so effortlessly for others. Empaths are drawn to other empaths, it’s almost magnetic. The people who say tears are for the weak, they need the most guidance. Remember that, birds of a feather flock together. You will feel most connected to the other men or women in your life whose hearts and minds are in alignment with yours. 

Please remember that there ought to be more people like you in this world, Lord knows it would do it some good. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I’m Kelsey. I’m a chocoholic and a teacup collector.

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