An Ode To All The Caretakers Around The World

Jon Flobrant

Adults can learn many lessons from children. In countless ways children are wiser than adults. Children view things in their purest form. They haven’t been tainted by the views of others. They don’t see colour, they don’t see age and to them, everyone is a good person. They are so real with their emotions. When they’re mad, sad, frustrated, hungry, excited, etc, they will not hold back in showing you. There’s no bull shit with children, they’re brutally honest and very forgiving.

Raising children is without a doubt the most important job there is and ever will be. You are raising the next generation of humans. Imagine having that sort of responsibility on your plate. The type of love you give them is the type of love they will grow up to give to others. Children watch and absorb everything they see and hear.

How you treat others is demonstrating to your child how they should treat others, so make sure it’s with respect.

Now let’s recognize the people whom watch other people’s children. A lot of ignorant people undermine this job, they don’t respect it for what it is and what it is , is extremely hard and honourable. These care givers are caring for someone else’s whole world. Their pride and joy, that’s what children are to their parents.

Do you understand the magnitude of just how crucial doing this job the best way that you can is? That’s an incredible amount of stress and responsibility. Children spend more time with their babysitter or daycare provider than they do at home. Therefore, their care givers are essentially playing a huge role in raising them. Their values and routines will become a part of the child’s life inevitably.

In many cases, daycare providers will not only be watching one child but up to five. So multiply all of those tantrums, teething, shitty diapers and terrible two phases by five. Does that sound like an “easy” job to you now?

A good day care provider will treat, love and discipline the children they watch as they would their own flesh and blood. Eventually comes the day when the children outgrow the need for daycare and speaking from personal experience -this is heartbreaking at times for the provider and the providers family. They watched these little ones since the ripe age of one year old. They saw their smiles, their first laugh, taught them to walk, potty training woes and many more milestones. Then suddenly they’re either old enough to take care of themselves or they move away.

It’s impossible not to form an intense connection to these kids over that many years. It’s impossible to not fall in love with them. So, when they leave it’s a proud moment, but its one that pulls on the heart strings.

Little humans should always be advocated for, they should always be protected and loved. They are the future. They will never judge you , they love unconditionally and they are especially good at warming cold hearts. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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