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Our Kind Of Love

girl driving

You make me laugh until my stomach aches and my snorting makes you laugh even harder. With you I feel like even the most inconvenient of moments are not only tolerable , but easy to get through because we do it together. You’re my teammate, my partner in crime, safety net and best friend.

An Ode To High School

girl with books

You can’t help but smile at the memories you made in those four years. Four years that felt more like 10 years. Crazy how four years now feels like four months.

Never Fall For The Smooth Talking Guy

Man in pink suit

The good man, when given the opportunity, will remember even the tiniest details about you. A good man will be honest about his intentions, he’ll put in the work and effort to be a part of your life and he’ll try to win over your affections without any games.

Anxiety Is A Beast

Girl looking anxious

Talk. You will be shocked to see how much better you feel when you simply empty your mind onto someone’s lap. Hearing other people’s take on what you’re thinking is a huge help. They will likely be able to help you think clearly again. Even the comforting thought that you have people to open up to and support you is helpful enough.

He’s Your Favorite Type Of Man

man in leather

He’s your favorite book. A book you’ve read countless times, he never bores you. Somehow each time you read him, you catch another detail you overlooked before. He’s an intellectual. You know you’ve just barely scratched the surface with him.

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