What Your Favorite Gossip Girl Character Says About You

Admit it: you’re a GG fan. Everyone is, whether we admit it or not. It’s a guilty pleasure that we all revel in, a glimpse in to the supposed lives of some of the best-off young adults, imagining what life would be like if it weren’t just B + S, but B + S + [insert your initial here]. I blame the characters; every character has a fatal flaw, no matter how perfect they may seem. And that’s why we love them, they seem so human! So whether you loved the show for the characters, the fashion or the drama, here is what your favorite character says about you.

Serena van der Woodsen: You are free-spirited, or wish you were. You love adventures, and likely often get into trouble. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t a good person. You are extremely loyal; however, you are also prone to extreme impulsiveness. You know you’re beautiful and flaunt it effortlessly, yet in ways that are still humble and nonchalant. And of course, you have impeccable taste in fashion. You have a charm, strength, and wit that belie people’s first impression of you. You still manage to concede to those who do the most damage to your life and need to make the same mistake several times before learning from the experience.

Blair Waldorf: You are quite a selfish person, but with the best intentions. Even though all of your plans are intended to help all of the people around you, their main goal is to make you feel/seem like a better person. You often tell yourself that you’re more mature than the majority of the people around you. You may be prone to isolating yourself during confrontations rather than facing the issues and having more meaningful relationships. On the other hand, you are also determined. You can commit to any goal and will always see it through.

Dan Humphrey: You tend to think of yourself as the underdog. Maybe you’ve been friend-zoned too often or maybe you aren’t as rich as your friends. But somewhere along the line, your pride was hurt and seeing Dan Humphrey stick it to the rich kids makes you feel powerful. Although you may seem to accept everyone that you are forced to interact with, you remain bitter and condescending. However, you are still charming and smart, as well as more than a little naive.

Nate Archibald: If you’re a girl, then you are part of the 99% that love rich, handsome, kind guys. If you are a guy, you are likely rich and handsome like Nate and love how he portrays someone so likable. Nate is the Upper East Side’s version of the “guy next door.” You are independent and strong, with a youthfulness that keeps you grounded. Your independence and determination may get you in to trouble sometimes, but the loyalty you evoke in other people always helps you get out of a struggle.

Chuck Bass: You like and appreciate the rich, bad boy lifestyle. You’ve likely dreamed of running off to LA to be an actor or actress, and wish you could break out on your own and create something that is worth being proud of. You are the leader of the pack, the one who is always in control. What most people don’t realize is that behind that detached exterior, you have a deep need to emotionally bond with people and be accepted. And you always dress to impress.

Jenny Humphrey: You likely think of yourself as edgy and kind of into rock and metal music, however you keep a slightly more feminine exterior. You likely have an older brother, or are the youngest in a pack of kids and are vying for attention from everyone. Nobody expects the unexpected from you. However, you are determined to be your own person and find your own path in a world where everybody seems to do same thing.

Vanessa Abrams: You are probably the girl/boy next door, or have a habit of getting yourself friend-zoned. You root for the underdog, because no one else will, even if the underdog lies and cheats. You fall in love easily, and get hurt even more easily. You are proud of your roots and committed to creating a different world for the future generations, yet can also feel resentful for having to work harder than those around you for seemingly the same thing.

Lily van der Woodsen/Bass/Humphrey: Lily is the ultimate lady-like bad ass. She has remained true to herself and lived the life she wanted to. If Lily is your favorite character, you are likely independent and strong-willed. You don’t let anyone tell you how to play the game, but rather make the game revolve around you. You are composed and not easily surprised. You also understand people in ways that nobody else seems to. You know that we all have a path to live (although you clearly know what’s best for other people), and you also know that people need to make their own mistakes.

Rufus Humphrey: You are a groupie, or are in a band. Handsome, older men (i.e. Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, George Clooney…) make you swoon. You either want Rufus to marry you, or to be your dad. Maybe you were brought up with ultra-strict parents, or merely crave a simple life with waffles every morning. Or maybe you wish you had been born in the 1960s to be able to have lived through the most epic era of music the world has ever seen. Whatever your reasons, Rufus’ charm disabled you from the start. You dedicate your life to others, and see your own success in the success of those around you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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