13 Little Things That Prove You’re Definitely An Actor (Maybe)

1. When people ask how old you are, you feel limited by having to give one number and not an age range. Just because you’re 28 does not mean you wouldn’t totally fit into the cast of Glee.

2. You have ever said: “I mean, I don’t care if I become famous. It’s my passion.”

3. You actually mean it when you say: “I mean, I don’t care if I become famous. It’s my passion.”

4. You really want to be famous.

5. You analyze commercials for acting technique. FYI, most people fast-forward through them these days. Thanks, DVR.

6. You get irritated when buying tickets for a show that’s dark any night but Monday. How can you possibly plan your auditions around such madness?

7. You know your vocal range. Bonus points: you know the specific notes of your range. Extra bonus points: you know the quality of your sound as you go up the scale or have ever used the word “metallic” in description of such a quality.

8. You are an actor who moves, an actor who sings, a model who acts, a dancer who sings, a dancer who acts, a model who sings (?), or, God forbid, a triple threat.

9. You have a degree in Acting (yes, capital ‘A’) from a university or graduate school. Bonus points: you are still paying off your loans.

10. You keep old clothes and various items around because, really, they may be vital costume pieces for some show you’re doing somewhere with some people someday.

11. You have too many special skills to list on your resume. Most of the space is taken up by the many dialects you’re capable of employing on the spot. Great, can you do that again for me in Cockney?

12. You know what the Alexander Technique is, who Kristin Linklater is, and why the method is ridiculous. (Except you totally go there anyway. You’re practically Daniel Day-Lewis).

13. You accept the fact that the characters you play most likely have more money than you, and after rehearsal you return to your shoebox apartment and tabby cat. Or maybe you have a dog and we are all jealous.

And, as we all know, the list continues indefinitely. We actors are creatures of endless intrigue. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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