There Are No Dos And Don’ts Of Womanhood

Women want marriage. Women want a family, a golden retriever and more importantly, want to be housewives. Basically, women just want. Or is this an outdated concept? I have more male friends than female friends that are looking for a committed relationship right now. It’s 2014 and the rules are changing, whether men come to terms with it or not.

Recently, I had gone on a date. One date. Singular. It was mediocre, the guy was pretty cool and I considered going out a second time solely on that reasoning. I mean, why not? Then over the next few days, I started getting very odd text messages from him-“I know I only just met you, but I’m falling for you.” and “You’re so special, that’s why I’m acting so crazy”, followed by six phone calls, and I’m not exaggerating, seven text messages. My immediate response was to not respond. And to get out while I was ahead. When telling this story to my female friends, they all thought I was being too harsh. They all reassured me that even though we had only had the one date, that he could know me by now and know that he had feelings for me. They even went as far as to telling me I sound like an “insensitive dude”. I think that’s complete bullshit.

Men call women crazy all the time. It’s okay for men to say that they like you after the first date, but if the girl does it, she’s clingy. It’s completely acceptable for a boy to ignore text messages but when I finally stop responding to someone after them sending me seven texts in a row, I’m insensitive. I don’t want to go out with you again, therefore I have commitment issues or I lead you on. I don’t want marriage and I’d rather travel the world than have kids, but because I say that and I’m a woman, I’m immature. I’m done with all the labels and criticism that come with being a girl in our society and because of that I’m a “feminist” to men, as if it is a bad thing to stand up for myself or my gender. Feminism is not an evil word.

I am also not a “man hater”. I thoroughly enjoy men actually. I only carry hatred for double standards and slut shaming, and for the media’s one and only standard of beauty. It’s the ideals and yes, sometimes I feel anger at the people who choose to keep them alive. I thank them repeatedly; they only fuel my passion for change.

I think we should be the ones ordering a beer with dinner, fuck the calories, you look great. We should name our first born daughters after ourselves and let them play Pokémon. We’ll pay for dinner, encourage him to get dessert. We can wear our sunflower dresses with our combat boots, screw “fashion”. We can be President, not just First Lady.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t discourage the wearing of red lipstick, or wanting to be a model. We can paint our toenails, and watch Sleepless in Seattle and eat tons of chocolate. All I’m trying to say is; shouldn’t there be a choice? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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